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Personal Shopper 

This service was introduced due to many requests by members who were having difficulty paying for merchandise from U.S. companies with their international credit card or check. As we are always willing to "go the extra mile" for our members, we have come up with a way to solve this problem.

Upon request, USEU-Parcel Moving will pay for merchandise that our members wish to purchase. Simply complete the form above and we will purchase the item for you using our Credit Card, PayPal account or Money Order.

By default, USEU-Parcel Moving will charge the customer's credit card for all Personal Shopper orders for reimbursement. There will be a charge of the total merchandise purchase plus the $20 Personal Shopper fee. USEU-Parcel Moving may require a wire transfer for reimbursement if the Personal Shopper order exceed $300.

To avoid the fee, you may send either a money order, check or wire transfer. Be advised, there is a $22 fee to receive all wire transfers.

If you DO NOT want to reimburse USEU-Parcel Moving via credit card, then a wire transfer, money order, or check must be received prior to placing the Personal Shopper order


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02/10/2006. Pay by Check or Money Order.
Mail all Checks or Money Orders now payable to "USEU-Parcel Moving".more

08/19/2006. Additional Names............................... This is a great way for you, your friends, and/or co-workers to save on shipping costs.more

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