"USEU-Parcel Moving" Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between USEU-Parcel Moving and the USEU-Parcel Moving Member.

1. USEU-Parcel Moving will provide the Member with a U.S. street address for his/her use in U.S.A.

2. USEU-Parcel Moving's services consist of receiving the Member's mail and merchandise, sorting it, packing it, transporting it to the Member's country and delivering it to the Member's specified local address during regular business hours.

3. Any charges generated directly from this activity, such as taxes, customs duties and service fees presently in effect or established in the future, will be the responsibility of the USEU-Parcel Moving Member.

4. The USEU-Parcel Moving Member authorizes USEU-Parcel Moving to charge his/her credit card for Membership Dues, Shipping and Handling Charges, and charges for any Additional / Optional Services selected by the Member.

5. Shipping charges are based on weight and are calculated in increments of 100 grams. Dimensional weight may apply on bulky, lightweight packages. Dimensional weight is used when the result of multiplying the measurement in inches of height times width times length divided by 166 is more than the actual weight in pounds.

6. USEU-Parcel Moving will allow active customers to store their merchandise for up to 45 days at no charge. After 45 days, customer agrees to pay storage fees at the rate of $1 per pound per month with a minimum of $5. Unfortunately, we cannot store packages for over 75 days.

7. Insurance costs for merchandise shipments are based on the Insured Value. Each $100.00 of insured value costs $2.00. USEU-Parcel Moving Member's will receive $100.00 of FREE insurance on all merchandise shipped Express.

8. The USEU-Parcel Moving Member agrees to obey all applicable laws and regulations in effect in both the U.S.A. and his/her country. The USEU-Parcel Moving Member will not knowingly use the USEU-Parcel Moving service to either receive or send illegal materials or controlled substances. The USEU-Parcel Moving Member will be solely responsible for any penalties or fines resulting from a violation of this condition.

9. Either party may cancel this agreement with written notice (email, fax or letter). USEU-Parcel Moving Members will receive a prorated refund on the unused portion of their Annual Membership Fee. Annual membership refunds are based on the monthly membership usage rate of $15 per month. Refunds will be processed within ten (10) business days of cancellation.

10. Magazine purchases and Monthly Membership Fees are non-refundable. USEU-Parcel Moving will have the option to return all packages/mail to the senders and/or discard the items for accounts which are cancelled. Shipping charges for non-members or cancelled customers are twice the rate of shipping prices listed on the website.

11. If a Member does not pay for services rendered for a period over 30 days, his/her membership may be cancelled by USEU-Parcel Moving. All packages and mail may be returned-to-sender or discarded at the sole discretion of USEU-Parcel Moving. Member forfeits all claims to items abandoned in his mailbox, once his Membership is cancelled.

12. Membership is automatically renewed unless the Member advises USEU-Parcel Moving in writing he/she wishes not to renew their Membership.

13. Late Fees. All invoices past due over thirty (30) days will be assessed $10 plus 5% per month late fee. This fee will apply for each month an order is past due. Personal Shopper orders past due over 15 days will be assessed the $10 plus 5% late fee for each 15 days an order is past due.

14. Activation of your U.S. address and its use will represent your acceptance of this agreement and the authorization to charge your credit card for all your future charges.

15. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise alter these terms and condition anytime. Please review the terms and conditions periodically. Your continued use of site following the postings of changes and/or modifications will constitute your acceptance of the re-terms and conditions.

16. Illegal activity (as determined by U.S. laws) is not permitted by USEU-Parcel Moving. Any legal fees incurred by USEU-Parcel Moving enforcing the laws of the U.S. against a customer or potential customer will be the financial responsibility of the customer.

17. Membership starts the day we receive your application. We cannot send any shipments until the USPS Mail Forwarding Form 1583 is received in its entirety.

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