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As a company, you have special needs in getting packages to customers around the world. We have many clients that depend on us to distribute their products domestically and use their USEU-Parcel Moving address as their place of business in the United States. Contact us today with a description of your business and we will help you craft a time and money saving solution.

Use USEU-Parcel Moving to create a complete US business presence

Through our affiliate, Access Line Communications, we are proud to offer a full suite of telecom services, including voicemail, fax, and international call forwarding. Get a toll free or local London area code phone number.

Suppliers in the United States often require US credit cards with a domestic billing address. We are happy to provide our customers with Visa Gift cards, which are pre-paid Visa cards in increments of up to $750.

USEU-Parcel Moving can act as your distribution point in the United States. Save your company money by mailing us products in bulk, then having us distribute them to customers. View our attractive domestic rates today.

Some other suggested corporate uses of a US mailing address through USEU-Parcel Moving are:

International Companies

•Instant US business presence! Tap the largest consumer market in the world.

•US customers will be more likely to do business with you if they can send correspondence to a domestic address.
•Optional: route your US-bound mail through your USEU-Parcel Moving address and benefit from a US postmark.
•Take advantage of cheap US suppliers or internet sites that will not ship to your international location.
•Ship US-bound product to us in bulk for us to distribute to customers, saving you money.
•Don’t make your customers pay international rates to return items.

Domestic Companies

•Your employees travelling abroad need a fixed US address and online access to their mail so they can stay on top of business no matter where their travels take them. A dedicated address with USEU-Parcel Moving will allow your employees to conduct their business and see what packages have arrived for them without having to wait for slow turnover in a traditional mail room. Sign up with USEU-Parcel Moving and make sure they don’t miss important business correspondence.
•Save your HR department time, money, and energy; don’t waste resources and risk losing mail by having a mail room clerk decide which items are important for your employees and where they should be sent to.
•Your employees already have enough to worry about while living abroad. Don’t make them pay for mail forwarding or have a spouse or family member struggle to get their mail to them!
•Pay only one low monthly or annual maintenance charge no matter how many accounts you open in your name.


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