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Premium Service

USEU-Parcel Moving’ premium service offering is targeted at the consumer that desires the most control. With our fully integrated account functions, you are able to view your mail in real time with price quotes covering a wide variety of shippers and delivery speeds. Instruct us which items to repackage or throw away. Then, track your shipments directly through our website and view a complete history of your account activity.

These are the actual prices you will be charged for service; we never charge invoice fees.

Premium Service Table of Fees:

Account Maintenance:
$15 Monthly or $150 Yearly
There is a minimum contract length of 3 months, billed up-front upon activation of your account. Online Access: Free. View mail, choose carrier and speed, throw away unwanted mail, track packages, view detailed shipping history – it's all included!
Account setup: Free
Invoices: Free
Additional Names on the Mailbox: Free
E-mail Notification of New Mail: Free (Optional)
E-mail Confirmation of All Shipments: Free
Online Tracking: Free for all carriers. Tracking numbers are not issued by USPS.
Automatic Junk Mail Sorting: Free (optional)
Storage: Free for first month, $1 per pound per month thereafter.
Repackaging: $3 for boxes or $1.50 for letters and magazines.
Compare this to other mail forwarding companies that charge a fee per item.

UPS – free for first $100, $1 per $100 thereafter
DHL – free for first $100, $5.00 for first $300, $1.50 per $100 thereafter
– $2.75 per $100
FedEx – free for first $100, $4.00 per $100 thereafter (up to $500)

Unlike other online mail forwarding services, USEU-Parcel Moving puts you in full control over how your packages get shipped and how much you pay. Instead of locking you into a certain carrier, we offer 12 shipping options via four carriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS). This means that you will always get the lowest price to your country. USEU-Parcel Moving does not rely on deceptive rate structures to fool you into paying more than necessary for your shipments.

•We will never charge you an account setup or termination fee.

• Pay a low monthly or annual account maintenance fee and receive our same great rates whether you ship one package or ten! This way you’re not forced to guess ahead of time how much mail you will receive per month.

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02/10/2006. Pay by Check or Money Order.
Mail all Checks or Money Orders now payable to "USEU-Parcel Moving".more

08/19/2006. Additional Names............................... This is a great way for you, your friends, and/or co-workers to save on shipping costs.more

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