1) What will my address with USEU-Parcel Moving look like? What options are available? Is it simply a P.O. Box?

You will have a street address. Note that this is NOT just a P.O. Box. We are fully authorized to receive courier shipments and you will not face the problems of companies that refuse to ship to this type of address.

2) I am a frequent traveler and need my mail shipped to my current location. Can you accomodate this?

Absolutely. With our Premium Service, you can access your account from anywhere around the globe and choose where each package will be shipped.

3) What if I can't access the internet? Can you still offer service to my area?

Yes. You can still have your mail forwarded, but it will have to be on a fixed schedule. Simply sign up for our automatic forwarding option and we will send your mail on a prearranged schedule.

4) Can I view my mail before it is forwarded?

You can. With our Premium Service or upgraded automatic service, you can log into your account 24 hours a day and view the contents of your box. Each item inlcudes details on sender, item type, description, and weight.

5) How will you send my mail and how much time will it take?

Unlike other mail forwarding services, USEU-Parcel Moving offers a large number of options for how and when you receive your mail. We ship with DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx, four of the largest and most highly respected international carriers. This allows us to choose among the four and offer the best price to your location! We also give you the choice of how fast your mail will be delivered. Typical ranges are from 1-2 days, 3-5 days, 6-14 days, and 6-8 weeks. With our Premium Service, you can even choose among these options on a package-by-package basis.

6) Which countries do you ship to?

For a list of countries we serve, view the registration form. Please take the time to click on the country of your choosing, as not all shipping options are available in all countries.

7) Do you offer shipping services within the United States?

We offer highly competitive rates through a number of shippers. Please see our corporate services page for more details. We have many customers that ship through us within the United States in order to create a US business presence and receive a US postmark on their outgoing mail.

8) I only plan to receive a few letters per month. Do you offer any discounted options for shipping letters and documents?

Our customers most often use Letter Post Air Mail to mail letters. It usually takes between 5 and 14 days, and is much less expensive than the other carriers. A typical letter, weighing 2 ounces, will cost you only about $2 to ship. You can also combine many letters and still pay well under $10. This compares very favorably to other mail forwarding companies, which often charge a minimum of $10-$15 no matter how little the letter weighs.

9) What other documents are required?

Because of the prevalence of international credit card fraud, we also request that you fax, email, or mail us a copy of the front and back of your credit card.

10) Isn't it expensive to ship my items individually? Can I combine them and save money?

Providing value to you is our number one goal at USEU-Parcel Moving. With this in mind, we offer automatic repackaging at your request. This service is guaranteed to save you money. It is especially useful for letters and magazines, which can be sent economically in envelopes up to 4 lb. Our Premium Service gives you even more control; log into your account and decide when your mail is sent and what is packaged together.

11) What if I don't want some of the mail that arrives in my box? Why should I pay to have it sent to me?

With our junk mail throwaway option, we will automatically discard advertisements and other junk mail. And with online access, you can discard items that pass our screen with a simple click of the mouse. This way, you will never end up paying for shipping unwanted mail.

12) Can more than one person or a corporation use a single account with USEU-Parcel Moving?

This is no problem. Simply enter each person's name that will be receiving mail on the 1583 form. A corporation may own a box that is accessed by more than one employee. We offer this service free–not the $20 per name that others charge.

13) Do you require a deposit?

No initial deposit is required, although you must agree to a minimum contract term of 3 months.

14) What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Wire transfers and Western Union are also accepted, but must be paid to us in advance of services rendered.

15) Do quoted rates include tarriffs, customs, or other duties?

While our rates include all shipping costs, you may still be responsible for certain customs, tarriffs, or taxes levied against your shipment. U.S. USEU-Parcel Moving is not responsible for any delays in shipping associated with customs difficulties. For more information, we suggest contacting your local customs office.

16) Can I declare the wholesale value of the goods in order to lower tariff rates?

On the shipping form, you can declare whatever you feel is the appropriate value of the goods is. On the customers form, we will write the value you tell us to.

17) What items am I prohibited from shipping?

Prohibited items will vary by country. A guide can be found at http://www.dhl.com/ by selecting your country from the drop down menu. You may also check for similiar country-specific information on the UPS and USPS web pages. For more information, we suggest contacting your local customs office.

18) I want to buy items from U.S. websites but they won't ship to my international address. Can USEU-Parcel Moving allow me to access these deals?

This is a very popular feature of our service. With your own U.S. address with USEU-Parcel Moving, you will be able to buy goods far cheaper than otherwise possible. Many online companies will not ship to international addresses, but now you can buy discounted products from them!

19) Do you accept certified mail, registered mail, and COD shipments?

In order to receive certified and registered mail, please note as such at the bottom of the registration page. There is no additional charge; we simply must have your explicit confirmation before receiving such shipments. For COD shipments, we require that you make arrangements with us and transfer us the appropriate amount of money in advance.

20) What is a notary and where can I find one in my country?

A notary is a licensed official that will verify your identity and provide an official stamp. This stamp is required by the United States Postal Service in order for us to receive your mail. To find a notary, it is easiest to call your country's US Embassy. If one is not available, it is acceptable to find a local official who can provide a similar stamp.

21) How do I cancel my account?

You may cancel this agreement at any time after the initial three months of service, without prior notice. Upon cancelation, service will be provided through the remainder of the contract, which will terminate on the day of the month that you were first billed. After cancelation, US USEU-Parcel Moving reserves the right to charge you standard rates for mail or packages that still arrive under your name.

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